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#1 07-06-2016 14:51:48


[Test] Bananapi M2+

This post is a test of the board Banana Pi M2+, a free sample sent by Sinovoip. (Thanks Izzy ! )

I will try to explain pros and cons of this board, even if I must try Android and camera, not done yet.

So the board is based on a H3 quad core, 1Gb DDR3 RAM, a 7Gb eMMC, inboard Wifi + BT.
The complete description is here:


The size of the board could be ideal for Diskio Pi, the chip is not very hot in normal use.

[stress test in progress]

I have tested Debian (Armbian) and Ubuntu 16.04 (BPi official)


Very light distribution, version tested 5.10 but 5.13 available now (here) with Wifi out of the box.

Some modifications to install wifi:
- add the driver bcmdhd in /etc/modules
- download and install AP4212 firmware
BT not tested yet


UBUNTU 16.04:

The image is after dezip 14.8 Go, but can be cloned in the eMMc (7.3Go).
I wonder what was the problem... but no problem.

After a simple

dd if=/path/ubuntu.img of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=10mb

and a reboot, Ubuntu is loading.
Lots of package are pre-installed, too much. For example, Firefox and Chrome-browser...
So, some clean must be done.

No Mali driver is available at this time, but the window manager is fine.


Just a problem to shutdown. I must to force it because something is wrong with vfe:

[   77.521003] [VFE]vfe_open
[   77.521031] [VFE]..........................vfe clk open!.......................
[   77.521082] [VFE]vfe_open ok
[   77.521500] [VFE_ERR]input index(0) > dev->dev_qty(1)-1 invalid!, device_valid_flag[0] = 0
[   77.531298] [VFE]vfe_close
[   77.531319] [VFE]vfe select input flag = 0, s_input have not be used .
[   77.531347] [VFE]..........................vfe clk close!.......................
[   77.531390] [VFE]vfe_close end


A big problem: I can't start the board with my 2 usb devices plugged, using a 2A power. The startup consumption is about 0.4A.
I must unplugged the mouse to see the screen alight

[post in progress]

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#2 06-12-2021 17:09:16


Re : [Test] Bananapi M2+

In it something is.


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