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How to setup sound using RPi Zero on Raspbian Pixel

This tutorial will help you to enable sound on Diskio Pi using Raspberry Pi Zero (USB device)

1) Listing of USB devices


The USB sound device should be displayed here

2) Listing of sound devices

cat /proc/asound/modules


0 snd_bcm2835
1 snd_usb_audio

3) Modify alsa configuration file:

sudo nano /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf

Look at these lines, and change 0 to 1:

defaults.ctl.card 1 # was 0
defaults.pcm.card 1 # was 0

Save with [ctrl]+[o]
Quit nano with [ctrl]+[x]

4) Restart alsa:

alsactl restore

5) Done !
You can now listening audio files with Diskio Pi & Raspberry Pi Zero.

Sources: … audio.html

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