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Diskio Pi UID


Diskio Pi UID terminal (13'3 touch screen)

Raspberry Pi (1, 2, 3 B/B+, 4) compatible, Odroid C1+, C2, UP board.

This version is based on v1.2.1.  Portable, ultra-customised, and already assembled, you have the possibility to choose the colour and version of the internal nano PC.

The SBC (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4) can be included and installed (with 16GB SANDISK SD card, Raspberry Pi OS pre-installed). Choose the corresponding option.

It is also possible to send us your SBC, or to order it in your name to avoid extra charges. In this case please contact us.

The shell is 3D printed, the foot is included.

The device can therefore be started as soon as it is unpacked.



Diskio Pi, the screen for all your medium/large format display projects !

This version is pre-assembled or 100% assembled depending on the options chosen.

These UID devices are all two-tone, with a black or white foot and centre line.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalised mix.

  • Compatible with nano PC boards with up to 8 GB RAM (ARM, x86, x64)
  • Can be used as an external screen, touch via USB
  • Up to 13 hours of battery life with the battery option
  • Fully hackable, scalable, and customizable device

logo open source hardware

A scalable screen :

  • Switch from the non-touch version to the touch version by adding the glass over the screen (a new frame will be provided)
  • Add a fan and temperature sensor, or choose the Fanless version (new!).
  • Replace batteries if they are worn out
  • Add your own cards, sensors, according to your needs
  • Add specially designed boards by 3DCRAN (coming soon)
  • Etc.
  • Please note: the fanless version is not compatible with the SATA 2'5 option

The different SBC* offered: (manufacturers' pages)

*SBC: Small Board Computer

In the box :

  • Display and eDP flat cable x 1
  • Video controller board with OSD board and cable x 1
  • Touch screen with USB controller card x 1
  • PETG x 1 enclosure
  • Multi-SBC plate and nylon spacers x 1
  • Daughter board x 1
  • Ethernet board x 1
  • 12000 mAh battery with charger board and cables
  • Internal cables compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 (cable RPi 1, 2, 3 sold separately)
  • Internal flat cable and connectors for HDMI x 1
  • AC/DC power adapter with EU, UK or US cable x 1
  • Screw set and a small screwdriver x 1
  • Online start-up instructions, a paper manual is in preparation

Dimensions & nomenclature :

Device specifications

  • Screen
Brand : Innolux 
Size : 13.3 inchs
Resolution : 1920*1080 px
Surface treatment : Glossy
Type : TFT[IPS]
Luminosity : 300 cd/m2 (Typ.)
Visualisation angle : 85/85/85/85/85/85
Contrast Ratio : 800:1
Signal interface : eDP 30 pins
Lamp Type : WLED
Structure : G/G (glass/glass)
Technology : capacitive, 10 points
Interface : USB 2.0
Hardness : ≥6H
  • Daughter board
Genesys Logic USB 2.0 Hub x3 (external 2x + internal 1x)
Buck convertor 9V to 5V@4A (Power circuit)
Temperature regulator (with fan/sensor in option)
Connections with SBCs by cable : (USB, Ethernet, power, HDMI).
USB 2.0 output to use touch glass with an SBC or external computer
External HDMI Input
  • Ethernet board
Simple expansion card, unshielded Ethernet connector without LED
3.5 mm stereo audio jack connector (coming soon)
  • Display controller board
HDMI 1.4 convertor to eDP
Stereo DAC via HDMI, class D stereo amplifier (1W)
Speakers : 2 x 1W
Portable screen" function: Internal HDMI cable.
  • Power adapter

  •  AC/DC (9V-3A) with EU, UK ou US plug

  • External inputs/outputs
2x USB 2.0 output (500 mA)
1x 9V plug
1x HDMI in
1x USB 2.0 in
1x USB 2.0 (4A) power output

  • Batteries (optional)
Battery charge / decharge / balancing circuit (2S3P), with :
6 LiPo cells (7.4V,  total 12000mAh)
  • Size of the device
Width : 335 mm
Height : 240 mm
Max. thickness : 35 mm
Min. thickness : 12 mm
  • Weight of the device
With 6 cell battery : 1800 g
  • Protection
IP 20
  • Case material 
Matte PETG (3D printed)
  • Warranty
The warranty is 24 months for all parts, except for wearing parts (e.g. battery packs), which are guaranteed for 6 months. We only replace the defective part. In the case of the screen, if the reference no longer exists, we replace it with a close reference and new compatible bracket.

Data sheet

340 mm
335 mm
35 mm
1800 g with stand

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