This page is an overview of the Wiki Diskio Pi

Diskio Pi is compatible with these development boards :

The Raspberry Pi boards


If you are not familiar with Raspberry Pi, the Wikipedia page may be useful.

512 Mb RAM

  • Raspberry Pi B, B+
  • Raspberry Pi Zero, W, WH (cables not included in the basic kit, please contact us)
  • Raspberry Pi A, A+
  • Raspberry Pi 3 A+


  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B, B+
  • Raspberry Pi 2


  • Raspberry Pi 4


  • Raspberry Pi 4


  • Large community ready to help you
  • Attractive prices
  • Very high quality card


  • No official compatibility for Android
  • Fan needed from version 3

The Odroid boards

Odroid c2.jpg

Wikipedia informations:


2Gb de RAM

For the Odroid XU4, the power cable is not included with the basic kit. It will be available for sale on the website, but you can also make it yourself !


  • Growing community
  • High quality map
  • Support and software updated regularly
  • Support Android


  • Rare on the European market

The UP board

  • UP Board 1G/2G/4G
    • The power cable for the UP card is not included.
    • The proprietary cooling system must be used.


  • Intel Atom processor
  • Architecture x64
  • Windows 10 Home or Pro compatibility (2G and 4G versions only)
  • High quality card (manufacturer AAEON, subsidiary of ASUS)


  • Rare on the French market
  • High price

Other compatible boards

These cards have been tested and work perfectly with Diskio Pi.

The boards to be tested

This list identifies the cards that will be tested for compatibility or that would be interesting to test

The other boards

This compatibility list is not exhaustive. As a general rule, boards with a Raspberry Pi 1 or 3 form factor and a power supply not exceeding 5V@3A are also compatible (Banana Pi, Orange Pi etc...).

  • Maximum board size: 100 mm x 90 mm
  • Power supply: 5V 4A max.

It is possible to print an SBC tray compatible with a new form factor.

Non-compatible boards

  • NanoPi M4

Cause: the SoC is on the back of the board, it cannot be cooled.