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Another digital world is possible.

Here we go! The second Diskio Pi crowdfunding is now online !

On this page we offer you three products, each of which has its variants.
It's up to you to choose the formula that corresponds to your project !

This crowdfunding is now complete, but more sales are planned very soon !

This crowdfunding is self-hosted in order to depend on a minimum of third party sites. Only the host ionos.fr and the payment site PayPal.com are used. The funds thus raised will therefore be invested to the maximum extent possible in the project.

A unique project on the web

The Diskio Pi project aims to make portable computer hardware totally free, versatile and repairable. The description page will tell you about the details of the terminal, its uses; the first steps page will tell you if you are new to the Raspberry Pi world; and the compatibility page lists all the boards compatible with the Diskio Pi terminal.

This material is registered under an OSHW (Open Source Hardware) license.

This choice of free license brings only advantages for the user. It guarantees complete transparency of the schemes and components used, and also allows individual use of the boards that compose the terminal.

Thus, it's possible to use the daughter board for a compact project that requires a USB 2.0 hub and a 5V power supply, or the 13'3 screen ( touch or not) for an arcade terminal project or a connected table, etc.

The downloadable 3D files can allow you to print the case yourself*, and possibly modify them for a specific use.

With this material, our philosophy of sharing and adaptation is respected to the maximum !

*Large format 3D printer required (40x40x40cm)

The rewards

The rewards proposed in this crowdfunding is the material shown in the photo. For more details, please refer to the page dedicated to each of these rewards (or click on the photo)..

The complete terminal

The Diskio Pi terminal is delivered as a kit. On the product page (link on the right), you will find the different prices according to the options chosen :

  • With or without touch glass ;
  • With or without batteries ;
  • With or without fan ;
  • With or without case.

The case, if you choose the option, is 3D printed by us. It may therefore have some aesthetic defects, but these are not detrimental to its solidity.

Each component can be replaced independently, increasing the repairability rate of the product. It is possible to upgrade the machine at a later date.
It will also be possible to upgrade your 1.0 machine with 2.0 parts, in order to upgrade to higher performance components.

Here is an example of the kit as you will receive it, in its packaging:

Required assembly time: between 2 and 4 hours.

The batteries

The batteries are made up of 6 cells of 3.2V each, grouped in pairs. The total capacity is 12000 mAh.

Here, too, it is possible to choose either the complete battery with the charger card or only the packs if they are worn out.

In addition to the charger card, each pack is equipped with an individual protection circuit: anti overload, anti discharge, anti short circuit.

The daughter board

(model presented: version 0.3)

This board has been specially designed for the Diskio Pi terminal.
It brings together all the elements needed to operate the most power-hungry SBC boards, making it compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 :

  • Power supply up to 5V 4A ;
  • A USB 2.0 powered hub ;
  • Fan management (sensor supplied with the fan) ;
  • External HDMI connection (input).
  • POE connector in preparation for a future board.

It comes with a small on/off button card, and a network board (not mandatory). This network board is for the moment a simple extension of the RJ45, but can be populated with components for another functionality (POE, audio amplifier...).

Would you like to equip your terminal with the fan ?

No worries, it is offered for sale in the "daughter board" section: just select "Fan only", the price will be displayed automatically.

The need for financing

The Diskio Pi project really started in 2018, when the first crowdfunding came to life. It was then a question of financing the 0.3 prototype which is presented in the video.

At the time of the Ulule funding in March 2019, the proposed prices were indexed to the quotations made in 2018. Import taxes and shipping costs were underestimated, which explains the price difference with those offered today.

In terms of orders from suppliers, some items can be obtained individually, others in increments of 10 or 100, the best being 500 or 1000 to obtain better prices.

The table below details the minimum quantity to be ordered, which determines the minimum amount that must be reached for this financing to succeed :

In order for this funding to reach its target, approximately 30 units must be reserved.
ItemMinimum order quantityPrice (SP,€)
PETG Filament 2 kg 39
Custom boards 5 345
Screen boards 10 183
Screen 1 80
Touch glass 100 4053
Battery 10 269
USB cables 100 1585
HDMI cables 10 111
Speakers 100 485
9V blocks 10 45
Packaging 10 104
TOTAL 7199

It will of course also be necessary to expand the fleet of printers in order to produce more and more quickly, and later to invest in moulds to produce injected plastic cases. For this, external financing will have to be negotiated.

Stretch goal

Stretch goal are additional options, which can be developed above a certain level of funding.

Options will be added as funding becomes available. If you would like an option, simply add them to the cart, or place a second order if you have already contributed.

The Dual HDMI Adapter

Function: Connected to the Raspberry Pi 4, this adapter will allow you to turn the HDMI port of the Diskio Pi into a video output, so you can connect a second display, or an overhead projector, while having the Diskio Pi's native display on.

SATA 2'5 compatibility

This option will allow you to run an HDD* or SSD inside your machine.

* 1A maximum

Manufacturing and delivery time

The Diskio Pi kit is printed in 3D on consumer machines. The result is satisfying, but these machines are not very fast, so it takes time.

To print a complete shell and foot, it takes about 2 days and a half with 3 printers. This is why we cannot deliver as fast as a classic product, even with two additional printers.

Over time, we hope to increase the rate and offer you better productivity, but for the moment only pre-orders are possible.

For this reason, a few months is needed to make 50 copies.

At the electronic domain, manufacturing is about to be completed. Version 1 checks are still in progress, but when it is on the way, it will take about 25 days to produce 100 copies.

To be clear, the first 50 copies can be ready by June 2020. The remaining 50 copies, if requested, can be delivered in October.

We will therefore take orders in order of arrival, in order to deliver them at a rate of about 2 per week.

The payment

As with any crowdfunding, your payment will only be effective if the project is fully financed.

We accept credit cards via PayPal, with or without creating an account. (see PayPal page).

In addition, we also accept bank cheques (France only). This choice imposes us to receive it as soon as possible in order to validate your order.

Finally, transfers are also accepted (France only). If the financing does not reach its term, we will pay you back the full amount by bank cheque.

The delivery

Delivery is scheduled from June 2020. This time will depend on the number of orders placed, we will deliver in order of arrival of orders.

We offer a free delivery in metropolitan France by Relais Colis. Other means of delivery are detailed during the validation of the basket.

We also deliver in Europe and all over the world. If you have any difficulty in finding a means of transport to your destination, please do not hesitate to contact us : info@diskiopi.com

A comment, a question? Go to the product page, a space is reserved for you.

Thanks to all the contributors of the first Ulule crowdfunding ! Without them, the project would not have been possible. So a huge thank you !

Thanks also to Ingrid from IfStart, who accompanies me in this project.

IfStart is a remote startup companion and accelerator.

And thanks to the actors who talked about the project :

Finally, thank you for trusting us by pre-ordering a Diskio Pi product !

Campaign launching :

January 20, 2020

One #RaspberryPi 3 A+ free !

February 6, 2020
A RaspberryPi 3 A+ will be offered to the 100th contributor (Ulule+diskiopi.com combined), if the current funding reaches 100% !

Thanks all

The Feb 13, 2020
The funding is now successful! Thank you all for your support and trust. I will see how to give you news of the progress by email, because this page is not automated, and there is no "real" news section.
But I will find a way for you to be informed without coming each time on this page.
Final result on Monday evening !

For the contributors, but not only! ;)

February 18, 2020
Here is the link to the first newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/db65c394c847/financement_diskiopi_news1

Newsletter in containment !

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