Secure payment by credit card via Paypal

The customer who does not have a Paypal account, and who does not wish to open one, has the possibility to pay for his purchase by means of a card accepted by Paypal:

 • How to do this?

When ordering, you must choose the payment method by Paypal: you will then be redirected to the PayPal site.

In the page will appear the following information:

You must click on the link "You do not have a PayPal account" (voir ci-dessous).

PayPal then suggests you to choose your credit card type :

Then you must fill in entirely the form below, including the telephone :

Finally you must click on "Check and continue".

Payment confirmation : As soon as your payment is validated, PayPal sends you by email a payment confirmation as in the example below. If you do not receive this confirmation, it means that your payment is not validated. In this case, your account will not be debited. You can restart your payment with PayPal or choose another payment method.

What happens after the payment has been validated?

Once your payment has been received, I will prepare and ship your order as soon as possible.