Delivery times

Our delivery times are 5 to 15 working days (except in the case of a pre-order). Fast delivery, when available, is within 48 hours and only concerns products targeted by the fast delivery logo. The delay starts when the order is sent. Working days cover Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Acceptance guarantee
Most of our company's sales run smoothly, but in the event of a problem, the acceptance guarantee protects the customer.

This protection can be used when:

- a customer has not received a product

- a customer has received a product that does not match the description

Coverage of the guarantee

If the first shipment does not reach the customer, a reshipment (after investigation of the posts) will take place.

Purchases are covered by the acceptance guarantee when the following conditions are met:

    - A product is not received 

    - A product does not correspond to its description

Purchases are not covered by the warranty when the following conditions are possible:

    - Any other reason than mentioned above.

    - A product has been damaged during transport

    - A package was not recovered when it was available for receipt

Non-receipt of a package
In the case of an order in several packages, it should be noted that they can arrive separately and any day until the end of the period. If a customer does not receive one of the products in his order, it is his responsibility to notify us. A parcel tracking and order information will then be provided.  

The customer is responsible for the recovery of his package when it is available for delivery. If a delivery is refused or not recovered in items, the acceptance guarantee will lapse.

Exceptions: If a package is refused with written proof from the driver/factor that the package was empty or damaged upon receipt, this case will be covered by the warranty.

In the case of a product that becomes out of stock after the first shipment, a proposal for a color change (if available) or refund per voucher will be sent to the customer.

As our products are sold without taxes, the customer is responsible for paying all taxes for international shipping.

Product not matching the description
SIf a customer receives a package that does not match his description, he is invited to contact our technical support service by email for an exchange or refund by credit note request.

A description of the problem encountered as well as photos of it will be necessary for the processing of the file.  A return of the product by the customer will be required and the delivery address will be quoted by the customer support staff.

In case a return is requested:

    - The customer must return the product under the same conditions as he received it

    - The return must be made to our return centre only

    - The cost of the return is the responsibility of the customer

    - We will refund the taxes of an international shipment by credit note except for an overvalued amount of the product that would cause a significant increase in the original taxes

    - The customer is invited to transmit the tracking number of his return package to customer service

After confirmation of the return of the product by the customer, the exchange or refund by taking place. In the case of a credit note refund, only the cost of the product will be refunded. The shipping cost of the basic shipment will not be refunded.

In case a return is not necessary:

In some cases, it may not be necessary to return the product to our return center. In these situations, a refund per credit note may be made if the following conditions are met:

    - We do not accept the return request

    - Returning the product would be dangerous

    - The product is no longer available

In such a case, a partial refund by credit note would be offered to the customer.

Duration of the acceptance guarantee

Non-receipt of a package

A customer may indicate the non-receipt of his package until the end of his receipt period and up to 30 days after it. If the customer does not indicate non-receipt within the specified time, no further action can be taken to address the non-receipt.

Product not matching the description

A customer can indicate the problem of his product up to 30 days after the current or estimated delivery date. 

The customer has 5 working days to return the product concerned as soon as he sends his email indicating the problem. If the return tracking number is not provided within this period, the file will be automatically closed.

Estimated date of receipt

In the event of a failure to provide delivery information proving the date of receipt, our company will estimate the arrival date on the last day of the delivery period. 


Prices are stipulated in euros. In the event of a manifest error, our company reserves the right to modify them without notice. As mentioned in the "Legal notice" page, our company is located in France. Some banks may therefore charge you extra fees (usually one or two euros) for orders outside Europe. We are not responsible for these costs. These costs are the responsibility of our customers.

Our prices are net and VAT is not applicable (article 293 B of the CGI).

For orders where the carrier is DHL, it sometimes happens that this carrier charges additional fees. We are never informed of such costs by the carrier and they are the responsibility of the customers.


Our payment methods are either by credit card: Visa, Mastercard via Stripe, or by PayPal. All transactions are secure (security logo visible on the site and secure web address in the order processing pages).