Daughter board and fan

The daughter board v1.2 of Diskio Pi.

Delivered with the multi SBC connection cables, the button board and the 9V block.
If you click on "Fan only", the daughterboard is not delivered.
Ethernet board
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The Diskio Pi daughter board, the HUB board for your compact projects, whatever they are ! 


  • Compatible with nano PC boards like Raspberry Pi (1, 2, 3 B/B+ 4), Odroid C1+, C2...
  • Can be used as an external HUB
  • Built-in fan controller (fan not included)
  • Fully hackable, scalable, and customizable hardware

In the box :

  • Daughter board x 1
  • Ethernet board and cable x 1 (optional)
  • ON/OFF button card with cable x 1
  • Internal cables compatible Raspberry Pi (1, 2, 3 B/B+ 4), Odroid C1+, C2.
  • AC/DC power adapter with EU, UK or US plug x 1
  • Set of screws and a small screwdriver x 1
  • Assembly instructions x 1

Fan :

    • Heatsink v1.2 x1
    • 5V fan x1
    • Temperature sensor x1

Dimensions & Bill of Materials :

Board specifications

      • Daughter board

Genesys Logic USB 2.0 Hub x3 (external 2x + internal 1x)
Buck convertor 9V to 5V@4A (Power circuit)
Temperature regulator (with fan/sensor in option)
Connections with SBCs by cable : (USB, Ethernet, power, HDMI).
USB 2.0 output to use touch glass with an SBC or external computer
External HDMI Input
        • Ethernet board

          Simple expansion card, unshielded Ethernet connector without LED
          3.5 mm stereo audio jack connector (coming soon)
        • Power adapter

        • AC/DC (9V-3A) with EU, UK ou US plug

        • External inputs/outputs
2x USB 2.0 output (500 mA)
1x 9V plug
1x HDMI in
1x USB 2.0 in
1x USB 2.0 (4A) power output

        • Warranty
The warranty is 24 months for all parts, except for wearing parts (e.g. battery packs), which are guaranteed for 6 months. We only replace the defective part. In the case of the screen, if the reference no longer exists, we replace it with a close reference and new compatible brackets.

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