Batteries and charger board (v1.2)

3 Packs of 7.2V 4000mAh batteries each (total 12000 mAh), with or without the charger board. The charger board is also available without the packs!
Charger board
Battery pack



The Diskio Pi battery

The Diskio Pi battery consists of an electronic board and 3 7.4V packs.

The charger board :

  • Battery charge / discharge / balancing circuit (2S3P configuration)

  • Analogic gauge function with RGB LED
    - Blue: 90~100%
    - Green: 50%
    - Yellow: 30%
    - Red: 10% and less

  • Digital gauge function via I²C, to be connected to the Raspberry Pi (cables included)
    The first version of the program displaying the battery icon on Raspbian is on the project Git.

  • The card comes with two cables, the power cable and the I²C cable for the digital gauge.

Lithium-Polymer Packs :

  • 3 battery packs 7.4V 4000 mAh

  • Internal protection circuit in each pack

Dimensions & Bill of Materials :

  • Each  cell : 
    Length 136 mm
    Width 32 mm
    height 7 mm

  • La carte chargeur :

Visual presented: prototype 0.1

Warranty :

The warranty is 24 months for all parts, except for wearing parts (e.g. battery packs), which are guaranteed for 6 months. We only replace the defective part.

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