3 Packs of 7.2V 4200mAh batteries, with or without the charger board. The charger board is also available without the packs!

Pre-orders are currently closed, but will re-open very soon.

Charger board
Battery pack



The Diskio Pi battery

The Diskio Pi battery consists of an electronic board and 3 7.4V packs.

The charger board :

  • Battery charge / discharge / balancing circuit (2S3P configuration)

  • Analogic gauge function with RGB LED (4 colours)
    - White: 100%
    - Green: 80%
    - Yellow: 40%
    - Red: 10% and less

  • Digital gauge function via I²C, to be connected to the Raspberry Pi (cables not included).
    The python program displaying the battery icon on Raspbian will be deployed during 2020.

Lithium-Polymer Packs :

  • 3 battery packs 7.4V 4000 mAh

  • Internal protection circuit for each pack

Dimensions & Bill of Materials :

Visual presented: prototype 0.1

Warranty :

The warranty is 24 months for all parts, except for wearing parts (e.g. battery packs), which are guaranteed for 6 months. We only replace the defective part.



Battery pack Datasheet

Download (200.48k)

Questions / Feedback

questions Guillaume on 01/20/2020

Bonjour, Pourquoi le pack batterie est-il moins chère au détail qu'en option dans le kit principal ? Cordialement Guillaume


Vous avez raison, je viens de modifier le prix de l'option: c'est bien 47.5€

Merci d'avoir repéré l'erreur !

Vous pouvez rafraîchir la page, normalement le bon prix s'affiche.


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